Day two

Day two was all about working by the chopping/sorting table investigating the upper plough-layer that has turned out to be quite a challenge to dig… (and about our (party-) tent that exhibited certain tendencies to fly away – the problem which we, however, successfully (?) tackled by binding the tent to our lunch-table 😀 ). We are excavating the plough-layer in two levels, the upper layer of 0-20 cm and the bottom one until the start of the undisturbed soil. And the site, as I have already mentioned, is characterized by clay-soil, quite so hard and stony clay-soil, which is not making the process of digging far too easy. The fact that there are not so many relevant finds in this upper layer (best finds from this level so far are being represented by a spike of medieval type and a rivet……) and even irrelevant finds are rare became decisive in our decision to change the method in the end of the day when 10 of 20 squares were investigated using quite so meticulous method of scanning the soil on the chopping/sorting table. Now, the spades will be out and used on the remaining squares in order to shovel off the rest of the upper layer. As much as I like our absolutely fabulous chopping/sorting table built by Totta from the Museum of Åland, the site has directed the change of the method at least for the upper plough-layer and we’ll return to the table when this level is off.

day 2


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