Day three

– and we have found what we came here looking for: post holes! This is both the relief and pleasure. The post holes found in the hall-trench witness that not everything has been ploughed away, furthermore, post holes we have now uncovered coincide with the anomalies observed in the geophysics data that I used as a guideline in placing the trench to start with, i.e. at this location, the anomalies observed in the geophysics data are clearly representing anthropogenic features. The discovery itself went somehow very quick, Rasmus, Lars Bertil, Frands and Aron were shoveling off the upper plough-layer in one moment and then the next moment Rasmus mentions that there is a big stone here that turned out to be part of the post hole; just seconds later Frands casually mentions that we have another post hole, and my worst nightmare that nothing is preserved from this building that once was standing at the site vanished from my mind.

Day 3

Because of the discovery of post holes in the trench 1, at the site of the hall building, it felt extra festive that Agneta had baked a cake in order to follow one quite so pleasant archaeological custom that I learned while digging in Sweden for SAU, at the site called Påljungshage in 2007 – archaeologists working in Påljungshage had a custom that the person who uncovered the most notable find of the day had to bake a cake for the next day. And as Agneta was “responsible” for both the spike and rivet found in the upper plough-layer of trench 1 in Kvarnbo we might have insinuated a bit too impertinently that she could bake a cake… 🙂 But it surely felt luxurious to have a cake during our afternoon coffee break!

As post holes were located in trench 1 there was no reason to wait any longer to start investigating trench 2 as well – things to proceed very swiftly at our site and I definitely have my volunteers to thank for that!

Day 3_2


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