Day four

Rasmus (the man behind the spade leading to the discovery of now the most famous post hole on Åland 🙂 ) and I visualizing the size of the biggest post hole uncovered (so far) on the web-page of Nya Åland ( – and we are not even overdoing it!

Today was a lot about post holes – not digging these, but showing off 🙂 To discover the post holes at the site of Sa 14.9 was definitely a great thing and it is cool that our investigations at the site receive such a warm reception from the media as well. And there is no question that the post holes in Kvarnbo are the most famous post holes on Åland right now, although, not yet investigated or even properly cleaned… I’ll have to buy both newspapers tomorrow to see how the biggest of our post holes that was the photographers’ favourite look in print!

While most of the staff was investigating the upper plough-layer in trench 2 (apparently, this is quite so different from trench 1), Agneta and Lars Bertil started further investigating the trench with the post holes. Our goal now is to achieve the same level of 10.90 m a.s.l. in the whole trench; this level is also roughly marking the very bottom of the plough zone. During that work more and more discolorations indicating archaeological features were uncovered and more are to be expected as there is a lot of the trench left to be excavated until the goal-level is achieved. Thus, it is clear that our 3 post holes discovered yesterday are clearly not alone to represent the traces of the longhouse meaning also that the hall was not a short-lived building – it has stood at the site for many-many years, the posts have been replaced, new fireplaces built, internal structure changed, etc. All of which was already indicated by the rather wide time-span of metal detector finds.

Day 4


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