Day five

As expected, more and more features are being discovered in the trench 1 – more and more dark spots are uncovered and these are marking the archaeological features constituting the key to the site’s history. And with just about 2/3rd of the trench being excavated to our goal-level of 10.90 m a.s.l., there seems to be almost a feature per square. Which is pretty cool, but also scary, because these features will be difficult to interpret in our trench of just 20 squares. The hall-building itself was sized over 400 squares meaning that our trench is covering less than 5 % of its extent… Considering the number of features being uncovered, often on top of each other and/or blending into one another, it is clear that the building and the site have had quite so complicated history. The need to have much larger area open for the future excavations at the site is clear as it is much easier to interpret hustling features when larger area is open to investigation.

Thus, we have loads of dark spots, i.e. archaeological features, but also a “problem” of nice weather 😀 The weather have been just wonderful, but the shining sun is making the soil very dry and dusty meaning that our features are loosing their clarity for the both untrained and trained eye. Therefore, before leaving the site today, we decided to throw water on the southern end of the trench in order to see if the features are better perceived tomorrow morning in comparison to the features on the northern end of the trench. One thing is clear though, it is much easier to dig the soil that has been drenched at some point.

Day five


2 thoughts on “Day five

    1. Kristin Ilves Post author

      Today, we have actually fixed the problem using about 125 m long hose connected to the tap by the churchyard – now we can spray the trenches 🙂


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