Day seven

Day 7_1Yes, in Kvarnbo we are working every day as I am blessed with people who want to help me even during their week-end! Thanks to Camilla and Michaela, but also to Erik and Hasse (and Frands, of course), lots of work was accomplished in trench 2, at the site of the second longhouse. The upper plough-layer is now investigated and documented, but, also, the second layer is well on its way to becoming studied. And the results are making me quite happy. There is now solid empirical evidence of the sand-layer being deposited at the site (i.e. the second longhouse has had sanded floor) as there is a cultural layer both above and under the deposited sand. And this cultural layer seems to be pretty thick… (i.e. we might stumble upon more finds in this trench).

Day 7


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