Day eight

Much happened today: tools were sharpened for better digging, which led to easy clean-up of both trenches. With the help of raised tarpaulin, the sun was shaded and the new levels were photo-documented and new 3D models were produced. Thereafter we were ready to start the investigation of the features in trench 1. The number of features in the trench was counted to 15 in total (!) and each was assigned its individual number. We have decided to investigate the archaeological features at our site using vertical cross-section digging through features rather than single contexts. And the investigations so far prove that we indeed have remnants of a longhouse within trench 1, but also, unfortunately, that very much has been removed through subsequent use of the site. As it seems, only the very bottom of the structures has survived… However, things look differently in trench 2 and there are some interesting aspects that I will develop further tomorrow 😉

Day 8


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