Day nine

As I hinted yesterday, there are some interesting things going on in trench 2 and today’s excavations focused on finding out exactly what is happening there. It seems that the trench cuts two parallel deep ditches containing layers of both black cultural soil and light sand. The cut of the ditches is not symmetrical, but steeper on one side being exactly the same for both. There are also (other) indications of post-holes within the ditches. We have partially excavated the trench to a depth of -70 cm and still we have not uncovered the bottom of these features. Thus, considering how much has been ploughed away at the site of Sa 14.9 in general (as also indicated by the fact that only the very bottom of the archaeological features in trench 1 has survived), we may well imagine that these ditches in trench 2 have originally been quite deep. Our working hypothesis at the moment is what we see is part of a palisade that has surrounded the site. In this connection it is relevant to note that the ditches are close to the edge of a terrace visible with the naked eye. In the cultural layer, which is intersected by these ditches, we started to find fragments of bones, both burned and unburned, which made us water-sieve some of the material from the very bottom of the cultural layer in search of more finds.

Day 9



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