Day ten

Things proceed so quickly at our site, for example, yesterday we had an hypothesis of a palisade in trench 2, but today this idea is discarded. Furthermore, trench 2 was quickly and entirely backfilled today and there will be no digging there anymore. All because of the two parallel ditches intersecting the cultural layer being much more recent than their fill indicated. The fact is that in the depth of 1.1 m we stumbled upon plastic pipe that surely does not date to the Iron Age 😀 – it is the water pipe of much more recent date. But this is archaeology, you never know if don’t investigate!

The evening at our site, however, was much more pleasant, because, today, we organised an event together with the association Fornföreningen Fibula during which we visualized the size of the hall with torches. About 60-70 people  where out on the field to listen me talking about my project and the excavations and Frands telling about hall-buildings. There was even a short spectacle directed by Frands “inside” of our hall exactly as these were played during the Viking Age 🙂

Day 10_facklor


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