Day eleven

DSC_0935Driving to the site today through the morning mist, I was already pretty certain that it is already today we will be ready with our excavations. And this was exactly the case, we are done. Three days ahead of the planned schedule. And all thanks to the wonderful people that gave me their time and dedication! Without their help, I would not have managed to excavate exactly as I wanted to and indeed did 🙂

So, today was about investigating and documenting the last few features left in trench 1 as well as continuing soil sampling. In addition to more usual samples collected during archaeological excavations such as plant macrofossil, just in case, we also decided to take a number of soil DNA samples. Soils have a unique “DNA” just like people do and through analysis of soil DNA one can profile the soils biological signatures and, thereby, a narrative of grazing animals, human occupation and their departure can be created. Maybe our sampling method of using small tins of tomato puree does not look so impressive, but we did our best to get the uncontaminated material and handled the samples correctly. Hopefully, I’ll get the possibility to get these samples analysed as well!

Soil DNAWhile the remaining features at the one end of the trench were still being documented, backfilling had already started and proceeded as swiftly as everything else had during these days out in the field. I am sure that next year, the places where we excavated and removed all the stones (yes, stones were not part of the backfill) become much greener spots in the field 🙂
Day 11


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