Very Important People

Kvarnbo 2014 excavations would never have been a success without the hard work of interested volunteers! Mira, Camilla R, Nina, Rune, Kirsti, Camilla S, Michaela, Daniel, Hasse, Erik and Niclas, you have my deepest gratitude. However, I would like to specially salute the core team of 4 persons who were with me and Frands all the way from the beginning to the end: Agneta, Aron, Lars-Bertil and Rasmus.

The core team of Kvarnbo 2014 excavations: (from left) Aron, Agneta, Rasmus and Lars-Bertil

The core team of Kvarnbo 2014 excavations: (from left) Aron, Agneta, Rasmus and Lars-Bertil

In the end of the excavations, I asked my core team about their impression of archaeology and if it has changed through this experience. Rasmus previous understanding of archaeology included objects and extreme precision, but he has now understood that the finds are not the only source of knowledge of our history and that the researcher plays a central role. Lars-Bertil fell in love with the trowel and appreciates the versatility of this important tool 🙂 but also emphasized the importance of dialogue during excavations; he felt that the dig-experience gave him understanding and respect for archaeology as a science. Agneta, who has always been interested in archaeology and history, underlines the importance of communication, especially, between the archaeologists and the community; she has also realized the difference between research and rescue archaeology emphasizing the leading part of the enthusiasm in the research archaeological projects. Aron’s picture of archaeology was not significantly altered through the experience in Kvarnbo, but he was also the only one that had some previous experience – and he would dig again!


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