The excavations are past. Right now, reporting is the center of my everyday life. Or, at least, it should be. I have managed to write and submit a report to one of the foundations who supported the archaeological fieldwork at Sa 14.9 – Birgit and Gad Rausings Stiftelse för Humanistisk Forskning. And I have started to build up the body of my excavation report. But as it tends to be with writing, in the head everything is great, but when you open the actual document, you block… It has been difficult to get back in the swing of writing after finishing fieldwork. Despite the fact that I wrote something every day during the excavations, somehow, “real writing” is a different type of writing – the mental activity required is of different kind and, therefore, for the past few weeks, I really have had to push myself to open my PC. But I do feel the change coming!

Att skriva rapport

Photo: Conny Andersson

Photo: Conny Andersson

Yesterday, however, I had much more pleasurable kind of reporting in my agenda – local historical society, Ålandsforskarna, invited me to present my project and the results of the archaeological investigations implemented so far. We were out in the field where the location of trenches was still visible in the vegetation and thanks to the nice weather, everyone survived my hour-long talk about how archaeological investigations often include walking back and forth on plowed fields and investigating dark spots 🙂



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