A stone :)

ÅM 726_1069As I have totally fallen for photogrammetry (being probably a bit obsessed with it right now) and I’m extremely satisified with all of the 3D models created so far over the features excavated at the Late Iron Age longhouse site in Kvarnbo, I just had to experiment with some artefacts as well. Now, the artefact I happened to chose for my little experiment is not from Kvarnbo and it is not even dated to the Iron Age, but it is a stone (ÅM 726:1069) from the Neolitic site of Glamilders on Åland (you can have a look at the site report (in Swedish) following this link). However, it is probably one of the most fascinating stones from the Neolitic period in the North 😉 The thing is that there is a figure carved on the stone that was probably used for grinding, but no-one really knows what does the figure represents – is it a frog? …a turtle? …a beaver? …a seal? …a woman giving birth? …some very happy person throwing hands on the air? 😀 In any case, I just wanted to see if and how this relif shows on a 3D model and I think it worked out pretty well for my first experiment with 3D modelling an artefact (which is why I wanted to share this picture)!


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