New Year and Kvarnbohall?

2014 was a good year in much sense as the Late Iron Age hall in Kvarnbo was verified and I learned much about the Iron Age on the Åland Islands in general. I remember the joy of finding the first pieces of wattle and daub in March, the excitement of metal detecting as well as geophysical surveys in May, but most of all, the thrill of discovering post-holes in September 😀 The work implemented during 2014 has shown that the site has a high research potential and many interesting aspects that are in need of further investigation. But at the same time, 2014 was really tough year as well, mostly, as the Kvarnbohall project was driven during my spare time… But managing both work and research simultaneously takes its toll and has left me happy, but exhausted…. Luckily, thanks to the Museum of Åland, I will have more time for research during the upcoming year!!! I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope to share more of my research with you in 2015.


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