Breaking the silence

If you have been wondering, where have I disappeared, how the things proceed, I owe you an explanation 🙂 …The time just flies away… or, at least, it is constantly escaping me in terms of working with the project this blog is dedicated to… Instead, for example, for the past month or so, I have been struggling in order to finish up with everything connected to the archaeological field season 2014 on the Åland islands (in frames of my wagework to-do list). 2014 was just jammed with archaeological field assignments and I have pretty much lost the count on how many field reports I have produced during my 10 month of being the archaeologist responsible for the fieldwork on Åland… But “the mouth of this sack is now tied tightly shut” and the coming months before the field season 2015 officially starts (in the middle of April) will be devoted to the Late Iron Age and Kvarnbohall in particular!

Concerning the archaeological field season 2014, tonight, I am heading towards Helsinki in order to present the fieldworks on Åland at the event titled Vuoden 2014 arkeologisten kenttätöiden esittelypäivät in the National Museum of Finland. Actually, I will have two presentations at this meeting as Kvarnbohall project will be presented as well, with the emphasis on methodological approach, especially, metal detecting. However, below, you can have a sneak peek of some parts of my presentation on the archaeological field season 2014 on Åland 😉

P.S. If you are an archaeologist and interested in working on Åland as an archaeologist, there are two vacancies announced for the 2015 season 😉 Swedish is a requirement for the job as an antiquarian ([id]=587&press[n]=1&press[instance]=639 ), but for the field archaeologist position you should be just able to communicate with me 😀


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