Money from Ömsen

Now when it has been published in both local newspapers on Åland (Nya Åland and Ålandstidningen), it is probably not such a big news that my project has received funding from Ålands Ömsesidiga Försäkringsbolag, more popularly known as Ömsen 🙂 Ömsen is an insurance company providing motor insurance, property cover, insurance for businesses and farmers and much more. This company was formed in 1866 and will celebrate its 150th birthday next year and this is one of the main reasons Ömsen has decided to support the planned excavations in Kvarnbo. This grant means much to me as I can continue with fieldwork without feeling anxiety or worry at financial level and I can pretty much plan and carry out the next investigations exactly as I want to.

But beside the actual excavations – planned as a 8-weeks long undertaking starting from the middle of July next year – there are some other aims to work towards our understanding of the site and its surrounding. One of these, which I am extremely exited about, is a 3D-reconstruction. This work is done by researchers with immense experience and years-long research in Gamla Uppsala; Daniel Westergren being a key figure in this endeavor (you can see some of his reconstructed archaeological environments by following this link or this one). – With this team on this project, the results will potentially be of extremely high quality.


P.S. I really dig the title Ålandstidningen chose for their article 😀 – it feels somewhat fierce to have an emphasis on binge drinking!


2 thoughts on “Money from Ömsen

  1. Matts Hinder

    Hi Kristin.
    I am not surprised at all about the title (bilge drinking) because its the only way to get attention for archeological discoveries in Åland (or if Its a police/legal matter)…☺
    But, sadly to say, Ålandstidningen and their policy is not anymoore what is was – their main policy today in archeological matters = its a waiste of money and time and there skall be no concern if a archeological spot is saved or ruined. Ålandstidnngen policy is that landowners right is always above the common interest.
    It was totalt different in “Matts Dreijer era”.
    It doesnt really matter if he was right or wrong in all his conclusions, he opened peoples eyes and minds. Hopefully your discoveries opens the eyes too.
    Anyway, it gives a small light of hope for those who are supporters of ” den åländska historien och Birka by Dreijer”.
    Congrats for your work and nice that private sector as Ömsen is a sponsor. Well done.
    Regards matts


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