Custom-made sieves

There are 23 weeks left until the excavations at the Kvarnbo Hall site are planned to commence 🙂 And the large-scale excavations I plan for this year include lot of (wet) sieving. Having been working out in the field for many years, I can assure you that the right equipment is very important for the job. However, when it comes to sieving, often, the solutions used are not the most ergonomically efficient ones. Therefore, for the excavations at the Kvarnbo Hall site I have decided to have the sieving stations devised with ergonomics in mind, but still very portable and easy to install. The stations were designed together with the Ålandic carpenter Jonas Lindvik, who is also building the sieves and stations, and archaeologist Kim Darmark, who will be one of the supervising archaeologists during the excavations. And I am happy to note that the stations are already well under way starting to look exactly like I imagined my sieving stations would (with all the small but very smart details 😉 )!

Custom-made sieves


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