Ace of Spades

Let me start by being completely clear about the fact that this entry is not supported by Fiskars – I just happened to choose all of the spades bought for the archaeological excavations at the Kvarnbo Hall site from that brand.

Fiskars spades

Which one will be the “Ace of Spades” at the Kvarnbo Hall site?

Shopping spades was partly very delightful, partly extremely frustrating. The thing is that there is a too wide of a range of spades to choose from. But I did walk out of the store with the number of spades representing three different series that will be put to test this summer!

First, walking into the store, my attention was immediately drawn to the spade that literally shone through the dimness of the store clearly emerging from the mass of shovels and spades: Fiskars Light – the light (and white) digging spade. It seriously weights like nothing (ok, according to the specifications it still weights 1.1 kg) and, therefore, it feels a bit funny holding in the hands as you kind of expect a spade to weight more. Well, because I am a strong supporter of lightweight when it comes to the areas of travel and tools, I obviously could not resist purchasing a representative from this series to my line of spades that will put into practice this summer 🙂 However, I am pretty certain that the spade will not be the winning spade as when it comes to the soil at the Kvarnbo Hall site, it is clay and moraine – Fiskars Light is probably way too light for working in such a ground, which is also clearly stated in the product description…

Judging from the product descriptions, the most likely winner of upcoming real-life archaeological test of spades will be Fiskars Xact digging spade that is apparently best tool for digging in hard and rocky soil cutting easily through soil layers and roots. This spade is marketed with a slogan “Makes it easy to get carried away” (i.e. once you start digging you cannot stop digging) and it feels actually very good just holding in the hands, it does not weight so much either: 1.8 kg. Furthermore, it comes with 25 year warranty (!!!). Yep, sales pitch on that one was difficult to resist 😀

The third model I acquired for the excavation – because otherwise it would not to be a real-life archaeological testing of spades – Fiskars Prima, might be labeled a classic choice as it is one of the models most frequently bought by anyone in need of a spade. Why I bought this model? It just looked right for the job. It looks like a spade I could trust 🙂


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