One by one, archaeological features at the Kvarnbo Hall site, mainly post-holes, are being investigated. And there is a number of really pretty ones among these post-holes – several are preserved much better than I expected (about 0,4 m in depth), and every so often, there is a stone packing evident. In at least three cases so far we have post-holes that have been filled with the material from a hearth and thereby filled with finds of bones from many different creatures (including fishes and birds) as well as pieces of pottery. Every  post-hole not yet investigated is therefore like an unopened package, whose contents are still unknown and it is up to us to unwrap the mystery 😀


2 thoughts on “Post-holes

  1. Peter Dahlhielm

    Thks your entusiastic information in the lovely sun.
    We follow your work on both this site and Ömsen-site.
    How long time will you continue this year ?
    Your info is most appreciated. Good luck!
    From the 2 biking swedes Marie/Peter…visiting 26 aug.

    1. Kristin Ilves Post author

      Thank you 🙂
      We’ll dig unill the end of August, maybe a bit longer, if the weather insist on raining into our trench….


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