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Ilves Kristin (67)

Photo by Kjell Söderlund

My name is Kristin Ilves and I am an Estonian archaeologist currently living on the Åland Islands. I hold a PhD in Archaeology from Uppsala University in Sweden, with specialization in Maritime Archaeology. My dissertation has a distinct theoretical focus and I discuss the specific behavioral aspects associated with watercraft landing sites by exploring the archaeological visibility of water-bound strategies in the Baltic Sea region. However, due to the strong conceptual interest, my research has a wide temporal framework and I am familiar with the archaeology and history of the Baltic Sea region. Today, I have international experience of compiling and delivering various kinds of university courses, lectures and seminars, and how to organize study trips as well as workshops. In addition, I have extensive and various fieldwork experience from Estonia, Finland and Sweden and I have been working in multidisciplinary research as well as rescue archaeological projects, on land as well as under water. Parallel to fieldwork, I have always been actively publishing across a wide range of journals as well as participated, attended and presented papers at conferences and seminars nationally and internationally.

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Contact: kristin_ilves@hotmail.com

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  1. Kristin Ilves Post author

    Hi Matts,
    I’m happy to inform that there will be lectures 🙂 I have just agreed to give a lecture in frames of Fibula’s viking ship launch on June 14th and another lecture is planned in Mariehamn about a week later. I’ll keep you informed!

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